Sunday, June 5, 2011

Second Day of Holy Spirit Novena

Day Two
The fruit of the Spirit is Joy.

When I look at the sky, the work of your hands, the moon and stars which you made–what are we, that you think about us, mere mortals, that you care about us? Yet you made us little lower than angels, and crowned us with glory and honor. (Ps 8:3-5)

Missionary Cenacle Meditations
As the sun gives life to the earth and enables plants to produce beautiful flowers of endless variety of color, form and fragrance, and fruits of a thousand different tastes, so the Holy Spirit, by the warmth and light He infuses into our souls, enables us to bring forth the celestial flowers and fruits of every virtue. (p. 83)

For reflection
In baptism, I received the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is already mine. When in my life have I felt joy? How can I share this fruit?

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