Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Labor of Love

You are probably wondering if the "silence" has really ended! I have spent several days trying to work out some kinks in the blog with You Tube. Sometimes the selected You Tube channel does not show, and in its place some rather grotesque looking images have appeared. I think it is okay now, but if not, please forgive me. You should be seeing a video of our recent retreat in Mexico as well as the Vatican You Tube.

We had a surprise visit from Sister Audrey, our Motherhouse Coordinator, the other day. Sister Audrey is responsible for the Sisters who live in the building that we call the Motherhouse. Our infirmary is in that building. Many of the Sisters who are no longer in active ministry, but are assigned to the Ministry of Prayer also live there. It is where we who live in the Mother Boniface building attend Mass and have some of our meals. It is a hub of activity, and Sister Audrey, a registered nurse, has a lot of responsibility and is a very busy woman.

So, what a surprise to see her walk in to our Cenacle with this gorgeous fruit basked which she had made herself, starting with spray painting the basket. The green is kale. The leaves are from the pineapples. Some of the fruit was held in place with peanut butter! Sr. Audrey's creativity knows no bounds.
The reason for this delectable delight? In January Sister Olivia and I gave a presentation on our Vocation/Formation Program to the Sisters in the Motherhouse. Sr. Audrey had been looking for a way to express their gratitude. A great cook and baker, she was told that "they are always on diets, but they do like fruit"! Imagine! It didn't take too long for us to demolish this basket. Thanks a million, Audrey for this "labor of love"!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Silence is Over

As they say in Mexico, "mil disculpas" or a thousand apologies for the silence. The good news is that life has been full; the downside is that there hasn't always been time to write about all that is happening.
Rather than "start at the very beginning" like Maria in the Sound of Music, I think I'll work backwards beginning with last week's vocation discernment retreat in Chimalhuacan, Mexico.
We were a small group of four retreatants and myself. Sisters Maria and Grace Raymond joined us when they were able. Weekends are a very busy time in parishes, and Sister Maria had several First Communion and Confirmation retreats that weekend. However, what seemed to missing in numbers was more than compensated for in enthusiasm.
We talked about decision making and discernment in general. All were in agreement that each day is full of decisions to be made and no decision is inconsequential.
We also talked about how to maintain our spiritual lives. Two great tools are Lectio Divina and the evening Examen. We reviewed and practiced both of these wonderful spiritual exercises.
Please pray for these wonderful young women who made this retreat that Lord bring to completion what He has begun in them.
The video sidebar contains pictures of this weekend.