Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coming to the End!

Image result for christ the king iconIt is hard to believe we are at the end of the year.  You might say, “Wait, we have at least six more weeks!” It’s not even Thanksgiving!  However, I’m talking about the liturgical year which culminates with the solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe or simply the Solemnity of Christ the King.  The following Sunday we begin the new liturgical year with the first Sunday of Advent.

When our secular year ends on December 31 most of us are recovering from the Christmas rush of parties, gifts, (probably returning some!), perhaps cooking and baking, busy visiting family and friends and maybe with an eye to some resolutions we’d like to make for the new year. However, in the midst of such busyness, it's not always easy to think about changes we might like to make in our lives.

Preparing for Advent is a more opportune time put aside all the “noise” in our lives and reflect on our interior life. How have we grown spiritually?  How is our relationship with our Best Friend coming along?  Have we grown closer throughout this past year?  Does my life truly reflect my relationship with Him?

We have had such great example from Pope Francis.  During his visit to the United States his prayerful spirit  was obvious.  He certainly showed through his actions his concern for the poor, the lowly, the infirm and those most at the margins of society.  Our pastor in Mexico City has frequently mentioned how when in Washington Pope Francis chose to eat with homeless rather than with the most powerful body in world, the U.S. Congress.  For Padre Pedro that was quite a testimony!

As we approach Advent we might take stock and ask ourselves how we have done.  Are we closer to Christ now than we were last year at this time?  How and with whom do we spend our most precious resources, especially our time?  Self-reflection is not always easy, but the results are out of this world!

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